Your best party foul

All this talk of potlucks and party do's and dont's made me think of this topic I wanted to post - What is your best/worst party foul? You know we've all committed them!

Me first: I was at my brother's house for a big party and everyone brought meat to grill. There was some sausage that looked good, but I was full. Being a girl, it's okay (when you're with other girls, I guess) to cut things in half - soooo I cut the sausage in half and tried it. My brother comes along a little later, sees the sausage half, picks it up and yells, "WHAT the EFF!!!! WHO the EFF did THIS?!" Apparently nobody in the civilized world cuts sausages in half at parties. Sorry, bro. He still doesn't know it was me.

Now it's your turn!


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