Would You Impose Your Dietary Restrictions at Your Wedding?

Hi all,

This is in response to an article I saw regarding Chelsea Clinton's WEDDING OF THE MILLENNIUM. Apparently Chelsea is vegan and gluten intolerant, so her menu is going to be vegan and there is a gluten-free cake. However, she is providing grass-fed beef for the carnivore guests, which is kind, I suppose.

Now the question I am asking is, naturally, the one in the title: Would you impose your dietary restrictions at your wedding? Now ordinarily I would say "no" but this gets a little funky when your wedding is a religious one. For instance, while I do not personally keep kosher if/when I get married I plan to have a kosher reception (fish, naturally, so I can have some dairy-based desserts and because I generally prefer dairy-based kosher meals, sorry meat lovers!) My Bat Mitzvah party dinner was kosher for the adults but the kids got chicken fingers and an ice cream bar. No pork or bacon though.

My parents attended a vegan wedding a year or two ago that definitely had them raising their eyebrows, and they are open eaters. I attended a wedding last year where the bride and groom were vegan but the food was all-inclusive (chicken, ice cream, etc.).

And, recently, I attended a super-Christian wedding that had no booze, no dancing, and no seats--but a small table with nibbles and a cake in the shape of a fish (not a Jesus fish, just a gold fish, the groom is a marine chemist). Go figure.

So what do y'all think? Have you had any bizarre experiences at weddings of individuals with dietary restrictions? What would you do?


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