What's the best recommendation you've gotten from Serious Eats?

I just returned from a whirlwind road trip, a baseball induced tour from Philadelphia to St. Louis, via Cleveland and Chicago. I had some amazing food along the way, but the best thing that Serious Eats gave me the scoop on was Jeni's Ice Cream in Columbus.

It was the last day of our trip and the plan was to drive straight back home as fast as possible. Columbus was the most logical place to stop, we'd hit it around lunchtime if we left at 5AM (which we did, ugh). Diners Drive-Ins & Dives had been the source of most of our stops on the rest of the trip but they had bupkis in Columbus, so I turned to the SE archives. I had read Brad Thomas Parsons's posts on Jeni's when he first wrote them, and blown them off since Philly is no where near Columbus and I couldn't see myself spending that kind of money to mail-order ice cream just because the flavors sounded good. Well, I just got home and 4 pints will be coming my way by the end of the week! It's incredible stuff.

What's the best recommendation that you've found on Serious Eats?


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