What is your Favorite Rice?

Between our Cajun, Asian, and Indian dishes we tend to eat a lot of rice. For years we had been buying giant bags of Uncle Ben's Converted Rice at Sam's Club. But feedmillboy wanted to try something new so we got a 20 pound bag of Basmati rice this last time.

I've had Basmati rice before so I thought I would like it, but whenever I cook with it at home it's as though I've used almost no spices at all. For awhile I thought something was wrong with my taste buds until I realized this only happened with the dishes I served over this rice.

Is this normal with Basmati rice? Do I need to add more spices? The rest of my family has had no complaints so maybe it's just me.

We do have access to some local Asian food stores so I do have other rice options. Do you have a favorite variety of rice to recommend?


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