summer party meal no-no's

So far this summer we've been to a few family gatherings (birthdays, 4th of July, etc) and I've noticed some things (avoidable) that could've gone a long way to taking the meal experience from "survivable" to "well, that was pretty much ok".

Can we list some no-no's/tips concerning food serving, cooking, etc? Some simple starters:

1. Trash receptacles that are easily accessible and GET EMPTIED before they overfill, attracting cousin Bev's dogs, the grandkid toddlers, and bees. 2. Please remove from sight the cream cheese appetizer concoction once the dinner food's ready. The chips that go stale in the humidity, the salsa at room temp... the browning guacamole...the wilted lettuce...agh. 3. Kindly remember to supply tongs -or something! -for the ice. Please? 4. Blackened (as in, burned) hot dogs are, frankly, inedible. 5. Plastic knives are decorative. They do not cut, except maybe plain Jello. If you're serving meat that needs to be cut, please, if possible, provide something sharp.

That's just a start. What say you all...?


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