Summer Food

Los Angeles was having such a weird summer up until three days ago. It was overcast and sunny, but not hot. The evenings would cool down dramatically and get so windy you'd need a sweater. Then BAM! A major heat wave moved in and I can't seem to stomach heavy, hot food.

I need some ideas for cold dishes that will be filling and tasty. I'm going grocery shopping in a bit and so far I only have the following cold food ideas:

Fruit Green salads Greek pasta salad Potato salad Various sandwiches Cottage cheese topped with tomatoes and pepper

And that's it. Kind of sad looking, I know. Does anyone have any ideas for summertime food? Cooking a bit with family and friends on the weekend isn't out of the question. We usually grill chicken and carne asada and made various salsas, so I'm willing to budge on the cold food thing a bit.

Also: What are you guys eating now that it's unbearably hot? New Yorkers, I know you've had one hell of a summer. What are you eating?

Thanks in advance!


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