Street vending a micro-business for 3rd world developement/Haiti

Having lived in Haiti for several years I am working on a project that I can develope there that will allow me to set-up street food vendors with an opportunity to put them to work and help them .grow their business and at the same time I need to control the quality of the product. The equipment needs to be simple and the food to be prepared has to come from local sources.Think of it as a franchise... the people I partner with will have an opportunity to have as many locations as they can service. The cooking platform will be propane as it a renewable source and is not charcoal which has seriously harmed their agricultural resources..What I am looking for are ideas that have been successful in other poor countries that are duplicatable..As an example I have a two-burner bayou classic propane stove and I have developed a excellant recipe for french fries cooked just once ..viinegar is involved in the pre-cooked stage as is salt and the only other piece of equipment is a manual french fry cutter and my own spice recipe..using the same propane burners I have thought of doing belgian waffles cooked in cast-iron waffle irons and as yet have not researched the recipe but i do know the vanilla bean is grown there. so any simple recipes would be appreciated but keep in mind it needs to be food that the poor can afford to buy.The challenge is to achieve a delightful taste but not all that hard to make and definitely not expensive to prepare..Banana and Plaintain leaves are abundant and coconut and mangoes are everywhere so if the leaves could be used as cookers and/or wrappers thats a renewable resource and if the coconut shells as a heat source that might be even better then the propane..Does anyone have any ideas?


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