Simple, but Spectacular - Extremely Fresh Seafood on the Grill

It's always awesome when something so simple can be so insanely flavorful and impressive. After watching Mario Batali and crew in Spain chomping down on some very fresh seafood that was grilled simply with olive oil and some salt I suddenly wanted to create something similar in my own backyard.

I headed down to the harbor and picked up some live spot prawns just off the boat as well as a couple lobsters and diver scallops. Took them home called a few friends and fired up the grill. I split the lobsters, but left everything else as is and seasoned it with some sea salt and olive oil, then grilled till they were just cooked through. Served it all on large platter with some lemon slices and grilled bread.

On a summer evening I don't know if it could get much better. Everything was so tasty. I'm hard on myself as far as cooking goes, but this one was one those time I agreed with my guests, that yes this is amazing. Maybe one of the tastiest plates of food I've ever cooked in recent memory as the seafood was so fresh and everything was cooked just to perfection. It was the first time I've cooked whole lobsters on the grill and was a bit nervous, so I was stoked it all came out so great.

What's your favorite simple summer plate that never lets you down?


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