Purple Poop

I apologize in advance if this isn't appropriate food conversation, but I feel the need to bring it up so some of you won't end up calling your doctor in a panic after what you see in the bathroom. Here's what happened.

One day I peed orange-pink. My poop was purple.

I started at the toilet bowl for a while, in disbelief at the psychedelic colors that swirled in front of me. Maybe I had some sort of an infection. Or I had grape Kool-Aid after a wild night. Maybe it was my hormones playing a prank.

And then I realized - I ate BEETS! Of course! My CSA delivered beets earlier that week, and I tried them for the first time, not knowing what would happen. So I quickly looked it up in Google for confirmation and ta-da, there it was. Beeturia. Apparently, 10-14% of the population gets colored pee after eating beets or other vegetables high in oxalic acid such as spinach, rhubarb, or chocolate. The majority of the time though, it's a sign that your body needs more iron.

That's my story. Do you have an experience with odd-colored uhm...waste?

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