One arm - This could get tricky

Here's a new one for everyone: I'm having a significant hand surgery this week, which is going to render me a one-armed wonder for at least two months. Naturally, it's my right hand. I'm going to have a cast from my fingers to my elbow, and am not to use it at all or get it wet. My fingers will not be much use, as one part of the surgery is on the index finger. My hand will be split like the lobster boy claw. Ouch.

What to make? I won't be able to cut anything until October. I'm not really one to eat anything from a box or can, so I'm trying to determine what I can make and freeze ahead of time. Eating with my left hand is not going to be successful (I've had previous right hand surgery three years ago - hey, I'm a lemon).

I've already made a couple of soups and some chili. I'm going to cut up some vegetables and freeze them for later use. I'm also going to make some tapenade and hummus, but am afraid they won't keep that long in the fridge.

Oh, and I'm staying away from yeast products.

Any thoughts? I'm thinking that the unavoidable side effect of weight loss is eminent.


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