My Hubby Ran Over My Crockpot...

I let a friend of mine borrow my brand new, extra large crockpot. I had only used it a couple of times, as it had been given to me as a gift about two months ago. She had her teenage boys return it to my house while my husband was sleeping and I was at work. Instead of putting it on my front or back porch, these brilliant boys placed it directly in front of our closed garage door. When my darling husband, who was none the wiser, hopped into our Jeep, remotely opened the garage door and backed out, he heard an ungodly scraping underneath the back of the car. He got out to see my brand new crockpot lodged underneath the back wheel-well. Amazingly, this tough cookie of a small appliance managed to stay almost completely intact, save for the feet on the bottom of it. Sheared 'em clean off. So now, the crockpot sits flush on the counter, with nothing elevating it at all -- however it still works. My question to you all is, do you think it's still usable? Should I elevate it before using it? Do you think it matters?


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