Lobster rolls (and other food) in and around Boston

Hi friends! Need your help! Visiting Boston in the middle of August for the first time since the summer of 2001. All I really want is a LOBSTER ROLL ( I live in the south, what can I say ) but I will be there for three lunches, three dinners, snacktimes, and a breakfast or two and as much as I love me some lobster I figure I'll need to eat something else. We'll be eating at Legal Seafood at least once because one of our hosts works there, and will hopefully be able to get us some special treatment and/or a sizable discount. We might also take a daytrip to P-Town or Providence.

We are twenty-somethings who are looking for mostly affordable to moderate priced eating experiences but are willing to splurge for one fancy dinner if the food is phenomenal. We'll be staying with friends in the South End but will be doing the tourist thing and so will be around the MFA, the ICA, Cambridge/Harvard, the Freedom Trail etc.

So tell me: where do I get the best lobster roll in Boston? What about traveling to P-Town or Providence? Where else should we eat? Great seafood please? I love desserts and ice cream, what specialties does Boston have in this area? Please instruct me on where to feed myself!

Thanks so much, can't wait to hear what y'all say. I love getting the Serious Eats feedback and then following up via Yelp and TripAdvisor, I find that combination really helps me to get the best of the best when I'm traveling...


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