HELP!! my pizza dough is too elastic, I think.........

this is my first posting here and it looks like a great forum, lots of knowledgeable people.

This is my trouble: my pizza dough seems to be too elastic. I make a basic dough recipe with regular all-purpose flour, I proof the yeast for 10 minutes, I pay close attention to the temperature of the water. I use a food processor to do the kneading, it seems to always rise well, it doubles in size after an hour I punch it down and let it rise another hour and then roll it out on a floured board, and this is where the trouble starts because as I start to roll it out it just springs back into place, but, it eventually stretches to about a 14 inch by 20 inch crust, which I immediately put sauce and toppings on and then I cook it on the grill.

If anybody has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them. Once I solve the elasticity issue, I am going to try to work on making the crust actually a little softer, right now it has too much of a crackerlike crunch consistency to it, I would like it to be a little little softer, not, I truly think that is a heat issue, concerning my grill and whether to bake it directly, or indirectly.

Thanks again for your help


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