Goodies lives!!!

Great great news for NYC Chinatown fans who've been around for long enough to mourn the loss of a treasured spot. Goodies on Chatham Square, who gained some small measure of popularity during the Soup Dumpling Craze of the early 90's and whose sister restaurant was even reviewed and given one star by Ruth Reichl in 1994, written up by Eric Asimov too in 1999, sadly disappeared unceremoniously about a year or so ago.

Our Dear Leader Ed Levine loved that place too, correctly, in my opinion, declaring their soup dumplings as being better than those of Joe's Shanghai. Well, they are alive and well, in the Financial District! My brother just called me to let me know he walked by their new location. They have the same awning apparently, and neon sign in the window. Fulton Street and Gold. See you there!


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