Freelance Baking - How to start?

I was talking with a colleague of mine this morning, since I found out that I wasn't selected for a position that I was really hoping for (it was the first interview that I had even managed to secure in two years), and was wondering how to proceed. I already have a full-time job (I was looking to move into an area with more growth, or any for that matter), so I don't want to do anything huge, but I *love* baking (see: all of my past threads, basically), and I always bake things for times in the office when people have birthdays, or showers or things like that. I thought about perhaps setting up a freelance type of thing where I could offer my services for baking bars, cookies, cakes, etc. for office affairs locally or may things like showers and birthdays at homes...whatever people need. I even thought about the idea that, since another recent thread mentioned the lack of homemade food at potlucks, I could offer to make something for someone else to bring in...

Anyway, does this sound like a plausible idea to any of you, and if so, how would I go about getting started and what would I need to do/know? Any help would be very much appreciated!


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