Eating Out In Budapest Hungary Part 2

Beer? I'm going to be drinking as much beer as possible on this vacation and need to know where to get the best of the region. I like small, weathered taverns preferably where the typical drinker is an old man with a pint and a newspaper. Frippery interests me little.

How is Aranyászok Sörözö at József Nádor tér ?

Paul's Pub at Váci utca 49 ?

Kaltenberg Sörözö Kinizsi utca 30-32 1092 Budapest?

The Caledonia Mozsar Utca 9, Budapest 1066?

Corso Petõfi Sándor utca Budapest?

Henri Belga Sörözö (Belgian Brasserie) I. Bem rakpart 12, Budapest? I'm very excited by this as I LOVE Belgian beer. Word?

Mister Sörház Régifóti út 31, 1152 Budapest.?

Pater Marcus I. Apor Péter u. 1., Budapest.? More Belgian beer and food is supposed to be served here. Who's been? How is it?

Haxen Kiraly Kiraly utca 100, Budapest.?

Are there any breweries in Budapest producing Hungarian micro brews?

I read an interesting article about Romkocsmas [Ruins Pubs] in Budapest.

Your thoughts on Szimpla kert?

How about Mumus?

Fogas haz?

Coffee. I drink an inordinate amount of coffee. It's my lifeblood even more so than my beloved beer. Where do you go in Budapest to get delicious coffee? Any places roasting their beans on premise?


Street food: After reading this

I'm filled with a craving for Magyaros Lepény. Who is the standard bearer for this dish? What is some other street food I need to know about? Any particular neighborhood where there's plenty carts afoot?

Is Buda better than Pest or vice versa? How is district 7?

Three Monkeys or Három Majom: Still open? Still good?

Hungarian soul food: Slow cooked meats, careful takes on gravy, homespun use of potato etc. Where do y'all go to get your Hungarian soul food?

Steak. I'm going to need to eat a ribeye at some point. Preferably from a well reared Hungarian steer [ Grey cattle? ]. Point me in the right direction please.


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