Eating Out In Budapest, Hungary Part 1

Heading on over to Budapest from Austin, Texas for a couple weeks in August.

I'm a serious eater and am ready to range broadly across the city and hope to eat like a Magyar.

I've read the Critical Guide by Andras Torok and can't wait to get to the city and do some serious exploration

The common hog is perhaps the most noble animal on earth. I know Hungarians are serious about their pork and so am I.

Who's working with Mangalitsas in Budapest?

This pig is really making a splash in culinary circles stateside and I'm hoping to eat quite a bit while in Budapest.

What restaurants are the most serious when it comes to their pork preparations?

Is there such a thing as Hungarian barbecue? Slow smoked meats cooked with fire built from hardwood?

Pickles? I'll be eating lots of pickled vegetables while in town. Please point me to the pickle queen.

What district provides the best, most diverse array of restaurants?

No fancy, high dollar places where the architecture of the food on the plate is the most important point of the chef. Just good exemplars of Hungarian cuisine done right. Diners, cafes, bars, old joints that have been there forever?

I need to know because that's where I'll get my pension.

Cake and/or Pastry: Where do you go to satisfy your sweet tooth? Who's been to Fröhlich cukrászda at Dob utca 22?

Home cooking: Kiskacsa restaurant at Dob utca 26 offers "one plate home cooking" according to one internet wag. How is it?

Kádár étkezde at Klauzál tér 10 is mentioned as being one of the better lunch spots in Budapest. What's the story?

Interesting food outside Budapest: I'll have the use of a motorcycle while I'm in Budapest. Any good places an hour or so outside of town? How is the Lake Balaton region?

Deryne? Read a favorable review for this restaurant. How is it?


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