Creative Watermelon Repurposing


Bit of an unusual situation - I have a half of a watermelon that was left over from my world cup party, and it's been in the fridge for a few days. Also present in the fridge were a variety of uncooked hot dogs which didn't get consumed at said fiesta. These wieners weren't properly covered / isolated from the general fridge population due to force majeure.

The result: a half watermelon with a distinct hot doggy finish. Like, Eddie Izzard distinct.

I already tear up thinking about throwing away any portion of a watermelon [rinds in the trash are so sad], let alone an ENTIRE HALF, so here is my challenge to you eaters:

Find me a way to save this melon. I'm up for anything, be it a melon-heavy terrine, grilled melon with bacon skewers, you name it. Save my melon!!!


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