Calling All Vegetarian Serious Eaters!

Im by no means vegetarian. I even attempted, and horribly failed when my best friend sneaked some delicious salty slices of ham in my sandwich for lunch... I'm also a Texas barbeque girl and grew up having a dad who did his part of cooking by firing up the grill almost five days a week.

However, I do have a vegetarian sister. At first I teased her for it, but that was also the same time I was teasing her for liking icky boys like Justin Timberlake. Now I respect her wishes of eating no meat, and it just gives me a wider spread of food to try and cook with that my meat eating dad and brother probably would never dare look at. (Note: Though in all, I'm still more of a baker than a cook)

In which I have been able to take note, my sister's favorite form of energy in place of her meats, is carbs. Pasta, chips, crackers, cookies, chips, chips, pasta, bread, chips. And I was curious.

What do the vegetarian serious eaters like to eat as their energy? Proteins (eggs, nuts, fish (my sister consumes fish, I don't know if you do))? Carbs (pasta, bread, *hem* chips)? Or do you just LOVE your vegetables and fruits?

Do tell!


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