Are we becoming overly sensitive to our food?

I just wanted to pose this question to see what the general consensus was. I've been browsing around to read up on different food sensitivities and disorders and have started to wonder to myself why I wasnt hearing so much about these things years ago. Is it simply advances in the medical field that are allowing us to discover so many new intolerances and sensitivities to foods? Have humans always had this many problems with food and simply not known about it until more recent years?

For example, I've read a couple articles on gluten intolerance that state many people will eliminate gluten from their diet on a hunch that they are intolerant, and thusly the lack of gluten over a period of time will make it nearly impossible for their body to deal with if they ever do decide to consume it again.

The second part to my question would be how do more developed nations like America, Canada, and European countries differ from developing countries in this matter? I personally have never heard anyone while on my travels in Central and South America say they were gluten intolerant. Is this simply due to their more limited access to doctors? Could it be they have different diets as children, less processed foods that causes them to be less sensitive?

Also, are we heading to a time where every human will take a test that will eliminate various foods from their diet, or could humanity head in the other direction and de-sensitize to food through medical advances?


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