What is a Good Technique for Preparing Steak Under the Broiler?


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Hello! I know it's wonderful summertime outside, but I just moved into an apartment complex where I don't have any personal outdoor space for grilling, and the communal rooftop grills won't be installed for over a month or so from now. I enjoy the occasional steak at home though, and I haven't been having great success preparing them under my broiler in the oven. Although they come out rare to medium rare like I want, they are often tough and dry. I do let the steak rest after taking it out, so I feel like salt is probably one large culprit here.

That being said, can someone suggest the right methods and techniques for ensuring a nicely prepared steak from the oven? Do I salt the meat well in advance, right before, or not at all before cooking? Do I rub with olive oil? Pepper? Seasoning? Use the high or low broil? Flip during cooking, or no flip? I do use a thermometer, so I'm not worried about cooking to accurate doneness. But should I preheat the pan I'm using? I would like to not have to use very expensive cuts--if a good result can be achieved with sirloin, that would be ideal, but I'm open to suggestions there too. My cholesterol thanks you in advance for your tips :-)


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