Vegetarian main dish elegant enough for a wedding?

I'm helping a friend with a DIY backyard wedding, late summer in the hills of western Massachusetts. Everything will be farm fresh - local corn & white bean salad, tomato wedges, potatoes of some sort, greens, etc. - and elegantly presented. All dishes will be served at room temperature (family style or on a buffet table, tbd). For protein, beef tenderloin is bubbling to the top of the list. Still discussing whether or not chicken needs to be an option as well.

Here's the question: anyone have a vegetarian main dish recipe that can be made in advance and served at room temp? Ideally, it would be a stand-alone option with an entree feel to it, not something in a salad bowl (as much as I love salads!). I'm thinking it shouldn't be too starchy (with potatoes and corn/beans also offered).

I'm not positive of the quantity involved, but for a wedding of ~200, I'm thinking we'll need to do 75 or so of the vegetarian offering (since some non-veg folks might like it too).

While simplicity is the goal, I should add that this is a family that eats and entertains well and loves a wide variety of foods and flavors. Creative (in fact, all!) suggestions welcome. I know someone in the SE community has the perfect solution!


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