Sushi Nanase in White Plains

How don't know why it took me so long to find this mecca of pristine traditional sushi being that I live 3 miles from the place. Finally got to experience Sushi Nanase this past Sunday in White Plains. I ordered the omakase and was blown away. I'm not a sushi expert but I've been around the block with a visit to nobu @ 57th once and Sushi Yasuda a couple of times plus too many to count visits to my local (as in 5 min walk) sushi joint, Azuma sushi in Hartsdale. My sushi palate has expanded from run of the mill sushi rolls to very traditional Japanese sushi and shasimi. Omakase at Sushi Yasuda was my best dining experience until I experienced Yoshimichi Takeda's finest selection. From the paper thin fluke and the raw scallops with shaved black truffle and sea salt to the most divine tomato wedge filled with a gelatinous herb and salt blend in place of the gelatinous tomato seeds....absolutely sublime. So, if you are in Westchester county and want an absolute divine sushi experience, check out Sushi Nanase.

Would love for the gang at Serious Eats to do a see if my Sushi senses have any sense.


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