Son-of-a-Gun Stew recipe

This post is for AK since he wanted to know what was in Son-of-a-Gun Stew. I had tried searching for the recipe several years ago but all I could find were recipes that were basically beef vegetable stew, not the stew I remember eating at the local fireman's fundraiser. I searched after AK reposted my remark in Look Who's Talkin': Memorial Day Weekend Edition and finally found the recipe. It was hard to find since the firemen in my hometown are all gentlemen and had politely softened the name from Son-of-a-B*tch Stew. As I remember it the stew had ground heart, bits of arteries and kidney bits but I could never place the other flavors. According to the recipes I found here:

or here:

Son-of-a-Gun is made from beef heart, kidneys, thymus, liver, brain and/or possibly margut (marrow gut) seasoned with salt, pepper and green chilies. Margut is part of a nursing calf's stomach that contains partially digested milk. The stew I ate probably did not have margut but it still had very rich flavor from the kidneys and liver. I'm guessing they cooked it for at least 8 hours. I was confused about the taste since it did not have any chili powder or tomato taste and for some reason I expected this.

Anyhoo, I'm posting it here hoping Son-of-a-Gun will catch on again. It would be a shame to lose such a fabulous dish because people's tastes have changed so much. ENJOY!


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