Out-of-Town Guest Disappointment

Has this every happened to anyone else? I feel like complaining abit about this: My sister-in-law (whom I had only ever met a couple of times) was coming into my area to spend some time over the weekend and into this week, and expressed a desire to explore new places to eat.

Me being the adventurous type, I secretly dreamt of going to the Pho place, where they serve tripe or the like...but in reality thought that at least the Tibetan restaurant, or the Korean place would be great, too.

However, upon arrival, I learned that she only eats "American Chinese food," "Mexican" food (i.e. Chipotle), and Italian food (i.e. pizza). I was so disappointed. I had really thought that I could show her some of my favorite places - the food isn't "weird" or "strange," but just different and I had thought that she would enjoy that...nope, nothing doing. So, we wound up at a chain coffee shop (nope, not even a hope for something different there, either), along with a pizza joint and a burger joint. :(

Has anyone else ever had that kind of thing happen? Where you were inder the impression that someone would be much more amenable to trying new things than reality turned out to be? Now, I am left madly craving Tibetan momos from my favorite restaurant in the world, and no one to share them with! And I still have two more days of this!


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