Memorial Day BBQ Brisket - in 3 - 4 hours

Most brisket recipes take many Many MANY hours, mine doesn't.

The day before I trimmed most of the excess fat from the 8 pound flat and rubbed it whth Tones Canadian Steak Rub from Sam's club. Back into the fridge.

I wokeb up on Memorial day at 10 AM, folks were coming at 2PM - no problemo

In the morning I pulled the meat from the fridge, assembled my WSM on my red 18.5" kettle base with a foil wrapped terra cotta flower pot base in the water pan instead of water. I dumped about half a bag of Rancher hardwood charcoal into the charcoal bowl. I had about 12 brix going in the weber chimney, they went onto the brix in the bowl with 2 chunks of oak.

I assembled WSM with the flat on the upper food grate, fat down so it would drip into the pot of beans on the lower grate. I guesstimate the lower vents (one touch) were about 2/3 open. If I had been using my WSM base I would have 1 vent closed and 2 open.

After about 90 minutes the meat was at 160*F and the cooker at 300*F (measured with a Maverick ET-73) so the meat was put in a shallow pan, about half a bottle of BBQ sauce added and the pan covered tightly with foil. Back in the smoker.

When the meat temp hit 205*F the meat was stuck with a probe (toothpick) - still not ready. At about 1 PM the probe felt like it was gong into butter so the pan with meat was taken out of the pan and the meat was put on the grill for about 10 minutes to tighten up the bark. The au jus was poured off and put in the fridge to defat - after 10 minutes the flat was flipped and cooked for another 10 minutes. Then it went into a pan covered with foil wrapped in a towel and put into an empty cooler to rest for at least 30 minutes.


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