Looking for Red Pistachios like I used to buy

Hello , years ago there was a nut and candy stand in what we now call the Old Mall and he had... Red Pistachios that were in a tray that was heated by a heat lamp. I remember being able to see the salt on the red devils where they where split open and they would be warm as well which made them so good. You would tell him how much in dollars you wanted and he would put a wax coated white paper bag on a scale and scoop the nuts into the bag till it read $5.00 is the amount I would always order. The mall closed years ago and the nut and candy stand was gone forever I guess. I have had many brands of Red Pistachios many times since in these plastic bags but they just never taste as good or quite the same as the old nut stand. I guess my question is... has anyone ever had or tried the Red Pistachios from a nut stand as I described, do you now have or ever had a nut stand that sold the Red Pistachios where you are ?? If so , why do they taste much better and can you tell me where I could get Red Pistachios like I used to buy at the nut and candy stand ? I'm just hoping that someone knows what I'm trying to describe. Thanks so much !!..... Dale B.


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