LeBron and the Chef Allstars

LeBron James has been in the news daily since the basketball season ended for Cleveland. Where he goes may not be relevant to most of us, I found it interesting how much he is being wooed by restaurateurs.

Article from Restaurant Hospitality: "It's not just that NBA teams are throwing money at basketball superstar Lebron James. Celebrity chefs are promising to feed him for free if he'll come to their city (Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Mario Batali in New York) or stay in town (Michael Symon for Cleveland).

"Vongerichten fired the first salvo. When New York magazine asked high-profile Manhattanites who claimed to be big fans of James what they would contribute to help convince him to sign with the New York Knicks, the three-Michelin star winner said this: "Free dinners as long as he wants. I'll feed him whatever he likes--double chickens."

"Then Mario Batali upped the ante with an offer of dinner every two weeks, "wherever you want, up to 20 people."

"Next came a well-reasoned plea from Iron Chef Michael Symon, a Cleveland native whose flagship Lola is located just steps away from Quicken Loans Arena, where the Cleveland Cavaliers play. Symon also operates two eating spots inside the arena.

"...if you do choose to stay, I'll come over once a month to cook up an Iron Chef-style dinner for your family or friends."

The article mentions James had a personal chef, Glenn Lyman, until recently, as well as noting, Eddy Curry, a basketball player in NY, paid his personal chef $6,000/mo. That's a nice bed of clams...


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