I don't like burgers. Help?

I have a confession: I don't like hamburgers.

But there might be hope for me, because I don't dislike them, either. I've just never understood the appeal. Maybe I haven't had the 'right' burger yet. I've eaten them at barbeques and in a few restaurants that are generally considered to serve decent ones (Flip and The Vortex in Atlanta, Village Whiskey in Philly). They didn't do it for me. I'd just rather eat other things, like pizza. Or fries. Or fried chicken.

Here's the thing: I want to like burgers. Please help me do so. Where can I try a good burger, one that will make me change my mind and crave them? What is the best thing about a good burger? What part of the burger-eating experience is the best part?

I'm located in Philly, if that helps with local suggestions.

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