Help! Keeping the kitchen cool in the summer

Last night, I cooked a dinner for 4 that consisted of steak, roasted sweet potatoes and green beans, and some sourdough crostinins with goat cheese. It's miserably hot down here in Louisiana, and despite my efforts (blasting AC, trying the "bowl of ice in front of a fan" trick), the kitchen was still unbearable. Living in an old, botton floor apartment means that I have no windows that open, so I can't let the heat escape (unless I open the side door, letting mosquitos/flies/other critters in), and no amount of margaritas could compensate. I don't have access to a grill, and even then, the weather outside + bugs + a tiny porch isn't much better.

I'm no stranger to embracing the heat and sweat - I've lived here for 5 years now, but this is becoming quite the cooking obstacle. I really don't want to eat just salad and gazpacho for the next few months, so does anyone have tips for meals that don't heat up the kitchen and/or how to keep my kitchen from feeling like a sauna when I cook?


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