frozen fries

firstly, give this a read, so you'll know what I'm talking about:

Okay now. i'll explain; the restaurant reviewed is my work. because she mentions the time of day she came in, i know that she was reviewing my work. so i'm especially insulted when she calls my Cobb Salad portions small(seriously, that's a pound of food on the plate), and to imply that my Mac and Cheese is only a step above out-of-the-box stuff. but that's not what bothered me the most. what really got me angry was her little bit of "investigative journalism," in which she reveals our use of frozen french fries. this is true; the kitchen is extremely small(lack of space for anything is something of a theme at this establishment), and so the fry station is positioned where the customers can see what's going on at all times. this is less than convenient, but i just work with what i'm given, so what the hell. ANYWAY. what bothers me the most about open kitchens is that this sort of thing happens; someone sees something that they don't understand, and misinterpret it. here's the fact of the matter: the kitchen is run by three culinary students, and a former restaurant owner. if we had our way, we'd have everything fresh, and make gourmet dishes for everything. but we also have to turn a profit. we don't have the money to pay someone to come in and scrub, peel and cut all the potatoes we use; we wouldn't be able to sell them for as cheaply as we do the frozen ones we get in ($1.50 for i think like 6-8 oz of fries). chances are, the quality would suffer, too, because i guarantee you they've got better potatoes being cut into fries than the ones we get in off the truck(that are mainly used for mashed potatoes and that sort of shit).

sorry about the rant, and i do actually have a point here--what is the general feeling regarding the use of frozen fries? what about frozen products in general? what's acceptable? what isn't?


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