Domino's "pizza"

They bought domino's for us yesterday at work. Normally I wouldn't eat domino's since I won't buy domino's but I also never turn down free pizza. I may need to rethink my willingness to always eat free pizza. The crust was damp with whatever seasoning they brush all over it, dense and saturated. The sauce tasted like pure tomato paste with some salt and garlic powder added to it. The cheese was plastic-like and not the least bit gooey or stringy (might have more to do with the length of time between when it came out of the oven and when it hit my plate). And the pepperoni tasted like pepperoni from a frozen pizza. Boo. For as much as they are ballyhooing their 'new and improved' pizza I think they need to go back to the drawing board with this one. Mass-produced pizza that is edible is possible, there are a few chains that can mange it, but honestly I know that I am always willing to trade consistency for flavor.


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