BF's mom disses Sandra Lee's "lasagna" recipe

Did anyone else see the NYT writeup of NY1's interview with state attorney general Andrew Cuomo's mother? Mrs. Cuomo takes issue with her son's girlfriend's lasanga recipe that calls for condensed tomato soup and cottage cheese. Has anyone else actually tried this recipe?

Original interview

NYT Diner's Journal post

Excerpt: "But Mrs. Cuomo wasn't afraid to stir the pot when it came to another issue near and dear to her heart -- lasagna.

The dispute is over Lee's recipe for the Italian staple. The TV food star uses canned tomato soup and cottage cheese. And the dish is reportedly Andrew's favorite. But his mother says she doesn't buy it.

"I don't know that that's true. You know, maybe she puts cottage cheese because he doesn't want to put on weight. That's not the way you make a lasagna," Cuomo said.

Mrs. Cuomo tells NY1 she prefers to use fresh ricotta cheese, herbs, and parmesan in hers."


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