An American "South" meal in the Great White North

My MIL is from Louisiana, and despite living in Canada for 40 years, still has her delightful accent - and her tastes for the food of youth (well maybe not the possum - they were pretty darn poor!) She turned 80 last month, and now, my husband (her son) is coming home in 10 days (as mentioned before, he lives in Alberta while I live in Ontario). He has asked me to make a southern meal for his mom to celebrate her milestone birthday. He has suggested crab and shrimp gumbo, and I tossed in the requisite corn bread done in a cast iron pan. But this is not a cuisine I am all that familar with and I want to make it a surprise for my MIL. Can an of my fellow SEers suggest killer gumbo recipes? Should I be serving sides, and if so, what (I was thinking black eyed peas - I know she loves them). A creative app? Dessert (usually my MIL makes her absolutely fabulous angel food cake, but we're not letting her cook at this particular dinner) - any and all help appreciated. Please keep in mind that if you suggest regional ingrdients, a source for ordering them would be appreciated too.


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