A Return to NY July 2-5

So I may a trek to New York last December by myself and hit up a lot of things not knowing if I would get the opportunity to come back any time soon. Well low and behold but I am returning this Friday (9 pm) and staying through Monday around (5 pm) when I have to start making my trek back to the airport to leave.

I am currently evaulating places that I would like to hit and/or return to during this short jaunt. I am trying to fill up the following:

Friday Late Dinner (~9pm): Shake Shack???

Saturday Breakfast: Maybe Shopsin's Again Saturday Lunch: Saturday Dinner:

Sunday Early Breakfast (~8am) Sunday Lunch: Preferably around Grand Central Sunday Dinner: Occupied by Wedding

Monday Breakfast Monday Lunch Monday Early Dinner...Maybe (~4pm): Would prefer not to grab aiprort food unless Laguardia has some good stuff but that would be a first to hear about.

Oh and any snacks and stops along the way are highly encouraged... I love snacking throughout the day and have an insatiable sweet tooth.

The following are places I hit last time: Motorino, Minetta Tavern, Shake Shake(loved it!), Levain Bakery(okay), 2 Little Red Hens(loved it!) , City Bakery (terrible chocolate chip cookie), Katz (big let down), Shopsins(loved it!), Sweet Revenge(okay), Sugar Sweet Sunshine(okay), Momofuku Milk Bar(let down), Artichoke (loved it!), Donut Plant (okay), Rice to Riches(let down), Bouchon Bakery (liked it),

Nothing is really out of question but would like to keep it simple as that is the kind of food I like and not super expensive but I am willing to splurge on 1 meal. I got such great recommendations last time I would love to get some more...

Thanks in advance!


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