7th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour

Saturday, September 25th is the date of the 7th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour. This event sells out every year. There will be a limited amount of tickets available. People who have attended the Tour previously get first shot. Then we go to a list. Those who put in a request first are given priority. Past attendees are given a deadline to respond and if they don't respond, or say they will not attend, we go to the list. We also go to the list a second time if payment isn't received by the deadline.

If you are interested in attendding this Tour, please contact Erwin Benz who handles travel arrangements and reservations. He is at : [email protected]

I pick the itinerary and organize the stops. I also make sure that the people who own the hot dog establishments serve a quality product and have enough staff on hand to handle our large group. I include places that serve hot dogs in the six or so styles that are popular in New Jersey. They would be Italian style, grilled beef, grilled German style (beef/pork blend), Dirty water, deep fried, and Texas Weiner.

We've visited a variety of great places and always add a new stop or 2. The Tour has been covered by a radio station, several websites, and numerous newspapers. This year the Travel Channel has expressed some interest and may tape it to be aired.

At this point I am considering adding another bus. We've had more than one bus in the past, but I prefer to limit the Tour to one big 55 seat bus. Although the multi bus Tour went well, 100 plus people is a lot to be descending on a hot dog joint.

Last year we visited a German Pork Store that was named Reserve Grand Champion in a nationwide competition. They provided us not only with their award winning franks, but bratwurst and other sausages and meats as well. The full itinerary isn't finalized yet, but we may be returning there.

I hope to see some of you. We've had people from 6 states, Washington DC, and Canada attend this Tour.

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