veggies in crockpot pasta dish: to pre-cook or not to pre-cook?

ok, so I'm bringing in the veg-friendly dish to an Italian-themed potluck for a work meeting in a few weeks, and I've decided that the best way to have a hot meal ready at noon when I'll be in the meeting most of the morning is a crock pot, since there's no oven in our work kitchen.

I'm aiming for a crockpot ravioli thing, but I want to add some vegetables as well - namely mushrooms (and maybe some spinach), but I'm worried that they might release too much moisture if they cook down from raw in the crockpot and make the finished product too watery, and I haven't done mushrooms in the crockpot before so I'm not sure how they will hold up if I cook them first.

thoughts? thanks!


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