steel cut oats in 3 cup zojirushi micom

for the past 3 years I have made steel cut oats by cooking them in a 1.5 quart chefmate slow cooker. this worked pretty well, although the oats would stick to the bottom sometimes and cleaning the porcelain pot was kind of a pain, I had to leave it to soak all day.

a few weeks ago the slow cooker started to run hot and I couldn't include dried fruit anymore without it burning somewhat, so I decided to spring for a zojirushi rice cooker, to use mainly for oatmeal.

this morning, I woke up to the most perfect oatmeal I have ever made, and cleaning the bowl consisted of rinsing it out. I used a water:oats ratio of 3:1 rather the 4:1 I had been using in the slow cooker, and the results were just perfect.

I highly recommend one of these fuzzy logic rice cookers if you have oatmeal everyday like me.


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