Snacking Different than Eating "Real Food"

I do a majority of my work at night and because I only eat one major meal a day, I tend to get hungry when working.

Lately I've noticed that the snacks I choose to eat are totally different than anything I'd eat for a "real" meal. They're either really odd, or made up on the spot, or more adventurous than the food I choose to eat at more conventional times.

Lately, one of my favorites is a black forrest ham, pepper jack, and jalapeno quesadilla that I eat with Mae Ploy-brand sweet chili sauce. This is the kind of thing I would NEVER eat for say, lunch, but for a snack in the middle of the night it's more than acceptable.

Do you find your late night snacking habits to veer off into weird food or junk food, too? I'm wondering why these foods really hit the spot late at night or why they become acceptable, even though they're not the kind of thing I would consider eating for lunch or dinner.


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