pudding/custard cake filling?

for some reason the Safeway grocery store in Ft. Collins has the most bitchin bakery ever. when i was in high school my family always bought bread and cakes there. you could have cakes made to order for special occasions, with whatever filling and frosting and decorations you wanted. my favorite (which we ordered for several birthdays and my graduation) was a white cake with whipped cream frosting and some sort of pudding-y filling. i plan on recreating this cake for my own birthday (yes, i am making my own birthday cake). i know how to make the cake and the frosting, but i am unsure of exactly how the filling was made. it had the consistency of very thick pudding or custard, but most of the recipes for pudding and custard that i know are of a runnier variety, or have to be baked and set. does anyone know of a recipe for a thick pudding or custard-like cake filling that does not require baking? could i use a regular custard/pudding recipe and just adjust it to make it super thick (and if so, how do i do that)?


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