Nuts in Your Salad

Had to be said: In class yesterday, when working on a problem involving the combination (it was an example) of olives, dressing, and peanuts in a salad, several of the students had raised eyebrows and a few comments to say against peanuts in a salad: "I've never had nuts in a salad!"

Then you obviously didn't know that nuts in [anything] a salad tastes awesome. It gives it that satisfying crunch and bite, an earthy flavor for the dry roasted, a spicy kick for the chili-speckled, a sweet pairing when using maple-sugared [pecans!!]. I honestly had to hold back my big ego of [mediocre] food knowledge on one chick who squealed, "Yugh! Nuts, how gross!"

This is also the same girl who caused an orchestra of "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!" at the beginning of class on a poor boy who was enjoying, I'm sure, his melted Hershey's bar like it was a thick, liquid drink. Also, same girl who eats peanut butter with carrots (not saying this is weird, but if she's gonna eat her own "odd" concoction, and when I'm not gonna say anything about it, she should leave others to there's.)

So let me enjoy my nutty salads! [Nix the olives]


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