More Girl Guide help - making pizzas at camp

Seems like I am always turning to my SE friends for help with cooking for my Girl Guide troupe (and you'll notice it is always on Mondays - when we meet!) This time, I am working on the menus for our camping trip the first weekend in June. The girls have requested mini pizzas (done on English muffins, seems to be the consensus). I've done a fair bit of camp cooking, and I pride myself on not relying on hot dogs and burgers (although they have their place, don't get me wrong) or freeze dried dinners. However, I have never tackled pizza in any form in a camp site.

Suggestions? I will have access to a fire and a campstove. I am trying to think of ways to heat them through, reasonably quickly, without burning them and preferably in groups (ie if I do them one at a time, I'll have hysteria from the kid at the back of the lineup). I am thinking that a skillet covered with a lid or foil would work, but anyone got any better ideas? Or, even a better way to make pizza in a camp site other than with English muffins?


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