Mini-quiches for a large crowd- tips or ideas?

This weekend, I've volunteered to bring some food for post-church service refreshments. Its a crowd of about 70-80 people and there are usually two people bringing stuff. Generally, they ask volunteers to bring 2-3 dozen. This isn't meant to be a meal, just something to nosh while hanging out and having coffee. I'm kinda tired of having different variations on quickbreads and muffins, so I wanted to do something savory and mini-quiche seemed perfect. I'm planning on making one vegetarian and one with ham or something.

What are your favorite add-ins? Any tips for making these in large quantities? (I'm most likely using mini-muffin tins and regular-sized muffin tins) Any caveats for transporting or perhaps reheating? I'm leaving this open-ended, so anything that comes to mind would be super helpful. Thanks!


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