Meals to freeze?

I need some suggestions ... I'm going to be studying for the Bar in June and July. When I am stressed (likely during all of June & July) I am bad at feeding myself and often end up subsisting on popcorn, chocolate, and TJ's tamales. I don't think that this is a way to pass the bar!

But! I have plenty of time to cook right now!

I'm thinking about making meals now to freeze in individual portions but am having a hard time coming up with ideas. Any suggestions for relatively healthy, brain-nourishing food that freezes well?

*parameters* I like to eat relatively healthy, with a fair share of veg, but can add salad to any meal. I do eat meat, but don't like ground beef or chili. I'm in DC (aren't all lawyers ;) ), so it'll be hot this summer and I won't want to eat anything too heavy.

I really appreciate any and all help!


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