I'm Going to Spain...for 5 months...

I have been waiting to post this, as I wanted to wait until I got a little closer to my departure date. And, as scary as it is to say this, I'm leaving in a few weeks! Ah!!

Short story is that a I got an incredible job offer (along with a close friend) that requires us to move to Sevilla and kick start the company. Rough life, eh?

As excited as I am, I am a New York City gal. I know where to get my bagel, where to go if I want light and sweet coffee, where the best take-out Chinese is, etc. I know there are going to be TONS of great places out there, but I am lookin for your suggestions!

Who's been? What should I eat? What should I avoid? I heard the oranges are insane, but I have not had time to really read about the culture. What do you think?


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