How Serious Are You About What You Pack For Lunch?

I'm one of those people that hates to have a mediocre meal, any time, including those I pack for lunch. Can't just be a plain ole' cheese sandwich or an apple and yogurt...just doesn't hold my attention.

Whether I'm on or off a diet, I have to pack things that keep me interested and even anticipating the meal in my lunch sack, like last night's leftover soup with a nice piece of crusty bread and maybe cucumber and feta salad on the side. A tuna salad in a fresh garden tomato with a side of avacado slices and cubed provolone. A great salad with some grilled shrimp, olives, marinated artichokes and crusty croutons on top with a homemade blue cheese dressing...

Am I the only one who may pack this kind of lunch or do you share in my idea that there ought not to be a mediocre meal, even for lunch at work?


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