How do you eat your chicken salad?

I'm in the kitchen making an enormous potato salad for a graduation party when I realize it's past lunchtime and I'm starving. So I snitch a hard-boiled egg from the potato salad ingredients and cobble together a quick chicken salad from leftovers. Chopped roast chicken, diced egg, mayo, a little dill relish, salt and lots of fresh ground pepper.

Now, how do I want to eat it?

Like a dip, with some fresh Triscuits? Nope, too hungry. Like a true salad, with some leafy greens? Nope, too healthy. :)

I want toast. A chicken salad sandwich (maybe two) on hot toast. True comfort food and oh, so satisfying. I may have to go get a kosher spear, but right now this is exactly what I wanted.

So how do you eat your chicken salad? Does it depend on your mood, or your level of hunger? Or if time is a factor? Do you have to have garnishes? Let's talk!


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