'How did they come up with that!'

When we were all young and had the mind that could be wowed by half the things we learned in school, the other half from the bigger world, there was one little thing in there that amazed us as well that we thought we could never discover the answer for the question, 'How did they come up with that?' Who is they?

The food manufactures.

By what I mean is, remember when the minds of our food manufactures began to get a liiittle bit more creative and come up with inventive, new, or improved, or mind-boggling, or seemingly impossible, or life changing (i.e. now something everyone uses in their kitchen or eats today) ideas/products that we wondered, when it was created and on the market, how did they come up with that?

For me it was: -Flavored milk (this could have already been made way before I was born, but it took me awhile to discover there was such a delicious thing out there that made getting my calcium in all the easier) -Cheeze Whiz (Hello, [processed] cheese in a can here!) -Hot pockets (How did they get all that disgustingly processed deliciousness packed into a little bready pocket that would be steaming hot in 1 minute for me to burn my tongue eating?) -Frozen dinners (this was also when I thought frozen dinners were fancy...)

What about you? (And it doesn't just have to be food, it can be kitchen tools too!)


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