Home Economics? Family and Consumer Science?

When I was in junior high we had to take home economics. We made muffins, popovers and if you washed the sifter you would get an automatic detention. We also sewed and learned about the miracle of life (but not sex..just the babies part).

Now my children attend the same junior high...and it's called Family Consumer Science. They've made cookies, pretzels, elephant ears and chicken stirfry. (It kind of gives me the heebie jeebies because the room looks EXACTLY the same 25 years later).

Shouldn't we have learned some better basics? Shouldn't my children have learned some better basics? What would you include? (I saw this over on Kitchn Therapy and want to hear what my SE friends thought.)

PS. I almost failed the sewing/miracle of life sections...was not too hot in the kitchen either. Late bloomer at least for cooking and baby skills.


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