Experiments Gone Wonderfully Right

I love it when an experiment turns into something delightful. Today being Mother's Day, I was fortunate enough to spend it with my Mom. We were relaxing after eating a big brunch, and I had a sample bottle of not so great limoncello. I decided to mix it with a few things on hand, see if that can help it. I looked in the fridge, and saw we had some strawberries. Perfect! Lemon and strawberry work wonderfully together, so I washed and sliced about three of them and added them to a short glass half full of ice. I realizing that I wanted something else in it, so I started rummaging in the kitchen again, looking for something fresh and spring/summery. I started looking at the herbs in the fridge, and saw we had some fresh basil. I grabbed a leaf or two and start shredding it, adding that in with the strawberries in the glass. I poured the limoncello into it, stirred it for a bit, took a sip...and realized that my experiment was wonderful. The strawberries made the limoncello go from being ok to being rather nice, adding a sweet tartness that helped it considerably. The basil helped the drink seem fresh and not overpoweringly sweet, adding that little bit of oomph I was looking for to tie it in all together. My Mom loved the drink too, which made me happy.

So, my question is, what are some of YOUR happy experiments, drink or foodwise? What made you have a "Stand back, I'm about to use SCIENCE!" moment, and succeed?


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